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A few words on COVID-19:

I hope that you’re reading this from a safe place, & that you & your circle are feeling healthy & positive (& your cabin fever isn’t too bad).  I  imagine it likely feels a little weird to be thinking ahead to future events in the era of social distancing, but I am just as confident that weddings & parties will return. We’re going to have so much to celebrate on the other side of this!

In normal circumstances, you would have been ready to make it happen ASAP. These are not normal circumstances. Knowing how stressful it can be to deal with uncertainty & question marks, I want to be clear that my inbox is open. If you feel like you need to start making plans for the end of 2021, but aren’t sure how, reach out to me. We can talk about it.

Dealing with the unknown at the moment is incredibly difficult. Our industry has worked so hard to make quick adjustments & accommodate the changes required, & we’re all eyeing the news & expert recommendations to plan as well as we can for the future. When it’s safe to gather again, we’ll be ready to un-pause & jump back into action. Personally, I can’t wait!

Take good care of yourself & your loved ones,

We are in this together.


Founder Vihelannie

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